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About Us
"From Gamers to Game Changers"

Game Dev Heroes Community is part of the Herald DevCorps Communities at Herald College Kathmandu, which was established on August 6, 2019. In this community, you will find people who create, play, research, and develop games related to gaming. Our aim is to develop our own games by sharing gaming knowledge and ideas among ourselves. Our goal is to educate ourselves and others to the best of our ability. The community focuses on investigating and learning about the structure, steps, and abilities required for a career in game creation. Students can join this community if they are inquisitive about games and their platforms, interested in the gaming industry, or both.

Our Objectives

Skills Reflects Our Knowledge

Game Dev Heroes Community specializes in preparing students for entry-level positions in the video game industry. We focus on utilizing different game engines to develop practical skills in game development.

Objectives of our community Game Dev Heroes Community has several objectives. The first objective is to provide students with the opportunity to learn, explore, and expand their knowledge of game development. By participating in the community's programs and activities, students can gain practical experience in game development and learn how to use different game engines and programming languages

Years Of
Programming Language
Created to provide students with a basic understanding of C# and C++ programming as well as additional Programing languages
Game Concepts
Learn about principles and techniques of interactive 2D and 3D game development
Self-Development and idea promotion
A platform for HCK students for individual development and promoting their ideas.
Research and Development
Idea generation, research & development and prototype development
Game Engine

Learn about different Game engines

Character Modeling

Learn about 3D such as Blender, SketchUp, and 2D Modelling such as Photoshop

Game Design

Create your own little world

Steering Members
Sneha Bega
Marketing Lead
Ranjana Mahato
Documentation Lead
Nabin Tako
Development Lead
Nitesh Chaudhary
Research Lead
Aaryan Shrestha
Design Lead
Other Members
Aayushma Poudel
Adhiraj Shrestha
Aditi Paudel
Ananta Gurung
Anwesh Rawat
Atul Adhikari
Bibhuti Koirala
Diparshan Chauhan
Dipendra Roka
Nemahang Rai
Isha Bhatta
Prajanya Shrestha
Prashant Khatri
Prashna Shrestha
Shamir Maharjan
Shijal Shakya
Suraj Tamang
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